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Perth exodus in full swing

  • Perth exodus in full swing

Scott Jamieson is the latest Glory player to leave the club after signing a two-year deal with Western Sydney Wanderers. This news will be deeply troubling for Perth fans who were hoping to retain key players of the club for the coming season.

A number of key players have already left the club and it looks as if more will follow. Danny Vukovic and Youssouf Hersi are two key players to have already left the club. This raises the question of who will be left in Perth come the beginning of next season.

It is believed that Michael Thwaite is looking to find a new club in the coming weeks in order to gain a release from the club. This could possibly be the nail in the coffin for Perth as losing their captain and one of their best players over previous seasons cannot be replaced easily.

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If the news of Thwaite’s impending departure is bad, than the news that Jamie Maclaren is unhappy at Perth is horrific for all involved at Perth. A bright light towards the end of the season, the young striker seemed to be a player that Perth would be able to keep and build a squad around.

Perth Glory are reportedly refusing to keep their promise in releasing Maclaren, causing the 21 year old to become angry. Scott Jamieson stated that “We were told by Kenny Lowe that any player who was unhappy, the club wouldn’t stand in their way of leaving”. However, Maclaren seems to be a special case for the Glory.

With Perth’s key players opting out of side it is hard to see where a competitive side will come from next season. One thing is for sure, Kenny Lowe has his work cut out before the coming season starts.

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