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What We've Learned About Glory Over the Holidays

  • What We've Learned About Glory Over the Holidays

Home Must Be a Fortress

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If Perth are to make the finals this season, they must maintain a high standard of performance at home. No side will fancy a trip out West simply due to the impact that such a long flight has on players' bodies.

But in addition to the tyranny of distance, Glory must inflict further pain upon their fatigued opponents on the field.

While Perth's record at home is decent, there is room for improvement. Glory must attack with purpose from the start of matches, and, crucially, take advantage when they are in the ascendency.

Perth Have to Win Away

If Glory's home record has been decent, their displays away from Perth have, until recently, been woeful. The side finally broke their drought on the road with a long overdue victory, at their perennial victims, the Newcastle Jets.

Perth must continue to pick up points on the road on a regular basis if they are to maintain a top six position. Glory are currently clinging to the last finals spot, but there is barely any breathing space between the Perth outfit and ninth-placed Wellington a mere three points.

In a finals race that is likely to go down to the wire, Glory must pick up wins away from WA.

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